Power ID: 402 Status: Smiley power/Limited Power Smiley:  Store Price: 200 xats Date released: August 19, 2016 Kaoani wolf themed smilies. Smilies: kwolf kwworry kwteeth kwsmug kwrub       kwhot kweyes kwdevil kwdead kwchuckle         kwbye kwbat kwback kwargh kwangel       Limited Pawns:  Pawn Name  Pawn   Power required  Code  p1Kw1 Kwolf […]

Power ID: 401 Power Smiley:   Status: Smiley and a Hug power. Store Price: 250 xats Date released: August 12, 2016. Sending a hug in main chat costs 10 xats per hug and a total of 20 hugs can be sent in 24 hours. Sending a hug in PC is unlimited and free of charge. […]

Power ID: 400 Power Smiley:  Status: Hug power/Limited Store Price: 400 xats Date: Released: August 05, 2016 With Eggjinx power you can send a hug to your friends with egg language. It adds ”egg” before the vowel on each words in your message.  See the examples below. Examples: Eggi’ll begge beggack!    (I’ll be back!)   […]

  Smilies: purple putears pusleep puspray pushim pushim pushim pushim pufit pueyes2 pueyes pudizzy pucry pufit pucry pucheer   Limited Pawns:  Pawn Name Pawn  Power required Code  p1purp Purple (hat#hp)   This pawn will last one week from the original release date –Hug Purple is now a smiley power and a hug power. (You do […]

Power ID: 399 Status: Smiley and Hug power/Limited Power Smiley:  Store Price: 500 xats Date released: July 22, 2016 Sending hug: You can send a hug to a specific user and show it on the main chat or send a hug in the user’s PC. Sending a hug in the main chat costs 10 xats […]

Power ID: 398 Status: Smiley power/Limited Power smiley:  Store Price: 250 xats Date released: July 14, 2016 Smilies are: beach2 gotobeach subeach summerice summerland summerphoto sunbed surfer swim watermelon    Limited Pawns: Pawn name Pawn Power required Code subeach Summerland (hat#hb) sunbed Summerland (hat#hd) sunice Summerland (hat#hi) swim Summerland (hat#hm)   These pawns usually last […]


Power ID: 397 Status: Epic/Unlimited Power Smiley:  Store Price: 12, 000 xats Date released: July 8, 2016 Functions: Use different flags as your namecolor. Namecolor and Namecolor are required for the Nameflag to function. How to use: Add colorcode to your name e.g (glow#000001#flag#xx). Replace ”xx” with the two letter country code for your flag […]

Power ID: 396 Power Name: Worm Power Type: Smilies Power Availability: Limited Power Cost (In Stores): 240 xats Smilies: (worm) (wocry) (wodance) (wodizzy)  (wofeint) (wojump)            (wolook) (wolove) (woangry) (wodead)             Pawns: Pawn Name Power required Code Wo1 Worm (hat#ho) Wo2 Worm (hat#hr) These limited pawns will most likely […]

Some have wondered why xatalert has not been posting regularly anymore. Well, I would like to fully announce that with great regret some editors have stepped down from position for a while, with this said I have gladly accepted to administrate xatalert for the time being!   If you have any interest in becoming apart […]

A few days ago, xat’s new forum was released to the public. The new forum is Invision Power Services (IPS) software instead of vBulletin. Xat made the switch due to the many bugs unfixed in the old vBulletin software. You can access the new forum at http://forum.xat.com All accounts from the old forum were moved to […]